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‏Ko was born out of a dream. 

A dream I had a few months after I came back from traveling around Southeast Asia. 

In my dream I saw the designs, colors, fabrics that would make Ko- accurately to a T. 

I woke up from the dream and starting jotting down in the notebook near my bed. I drew all the clothes that I imagined in my dream. Once finished, I put my notebook down and went back to my day. 

Six months later (!!) I opened that notebook for the first time. 

I didn’t even remember what I drew and I obviously didn’t remember the dream from that night, but when I saw my drawings I knew I had something good in my hands. 

I felt that my craving to wear clothes that are extraordinary, that you don’t see on everyone could happen, thanks to that dream and this notebook. 

That craving just gets bigger and bigger every time I see someone wearing a piece of mine. 

I want her to look and feel just as extraordinary in her clothes. 

Soft classic clothes, made of satin and silk, inspired by Japanese culture.

there are only one or two pieces of each design - to maintain its uniqueness


The fabrics we work with are the main focus. draping, pleasant and high-quality fabrics combined with traditional patterns and Flattering silhouettes.

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